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QA QC CIVIL- QS SOFTWARE - INTRODUCING FIRST TIME IN KERALA WITH SOFTWARE COURSE FOR QS (QUANTITY SURVEY) 2017-03-09 08:37:16                                                     QA QC NDT PIPILINE ENGINEERING-PROJECT BASED - SITE ORIENTED TRAINING FOR QA QC MECHANICAL WITH WELL EQUIPPED LAB NEXT BATCH CALL 9633875678 2017-03-09 08:38:28                                                     QA QC KANNUR MEP KANNUR BATCH - KANNUR QA QC MEP HVAC BATCHES AARAT ROAD KANNUR 2017-11-02 08:36:45                                                     QA QC NDT NEW BATCH 10 NOVEMBER 2017 - NEW BATCH QA QC NDT QA QC CIVIL 2017-11-02 08:35:26                                                     MEP -HVAC REVIT MEP BATCH - MEP-HVAC REVIT-MEP PLUMBING FIRE FIGHTING ELECTRICAL NEW BATCHES NOVEMBER 2017 2017-11-02 08:34:59                                                    

Welcome to AXIONZ, Institute of Petroleum


In the knowledgeable era requirement of life glooming courses is extremely germane. Bestowment of quality technical training at affordable fee has much scope and potentiality as the demand for the same is an inevitable necessity at the present scenario of technical boom and scientific surge. To fulfill this yearning and daring dream of success AXIONZ GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS (Petroleum Oilfield ,Civil QA QC COURSES ,HVAC COURSES CSWIP CLASSES ,MEP COURSES,NDT ) was established in the heart of Calicut ,Kerala, the city of great Zamorins.

As far as our curriculum and training are concerned they encompass QUALITY CONTROL ENGINEERING, NDT training and its subsequent certification. In addition to qc courses we also provide hvac courses civil qc courses Cswip preparation MEP. 

Axionz stands quite unique in the crowd of institutions of its kind upholding the quality of its service and commitment to its students making it a quality institution offering quality training to qualified candidates.

Axionz works under the code of ethics of the internationally recognized organization viz AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING assuring all the prospective trainees quality and commitment to the level of culmination.

AXIONZ is with a futuristic with the inflow of agile and born to succeed students with representation from across the planet. We deliver innovative and reliable training for QC COURSES CIVIL AND MECHANICAL, MEP COURSES, and HVAC COURSES .

Principal motto of Axionz is to make its students imbibe the concept of making education absolutely practical in life by giving them all the supports facilities comforts and like with the provision of extremely knowledgeable pedagogs with hands on teaching experience, laboratory set up with the most advanced equipments. Assistance of well versed lab assistants with expertise and experience, swift and easy access to totally air conditioned buildings with proximity to refreshment cubicle, availability of WIFI connectivity for backing references and other relevant uses, besides to our readiness to improve the infrastructure for support and enhancement of proper education training and comfort of the students and preceptors as well.