• Regulation and standards
  • Erection dismantling planning
  • PPE and proper procedures
  • Fall protection
  • Materials handling
  • Access
  • Working platform
  • Foundations
  • Guys , ties and braces
  • Parts inspection
  • Rolling scaffold assembly
  • Put logs

2. Know OSHA regulations as they apply to scaffolding use and construction

3. Design and preplanning of the scaffold including weight limitations, scaffold type, fall protection, tie-offs, supports etc.

4. Understand the basic scaffolding components and the principle of safe system of work during erection and dismantling

5. About Scaffold material standards

6. The correct procedure for erecting, disassembling, moving, operating, repairing, inspecting and maintaining the type of scaffolds

7. Permit to work system

8. The nature of scaffold hazards

9. Carry out simple pre-use inspection on scaffolds

10. Basic risk assessment on scaffolding safety

11. Final inspection of the scaffold prior to initial occupation for use

12. Prepare and implement the scaffold inspection check list

13. Study the roles of the scaffold competent person, qualified and engineer in scaffold design and use


  • Applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME regulation and standards
  • Effective inspection procedure and checklists
  • Load test requirements and procedures
  • Hand signals and rigging basics
  • Proper use of inspection tools
  • Required records and documentation
  • Understand load dynamics and hazards
  • Identify lift points
  • Estimate load weight and gravity
  • Emergency response and employer responsibilities
  • Inspectors role in reducing accidents and liability exposure
  • Inspecting structural components, sheaves, blocks, hooks, mechanisms, wire ropes, load indicating devices etc.
  • Rigging inventory management
  • Crane type and classifications
  • When to perform a NDT crack detection test
  • Basic rigging gear maintenance
  • Crane electrical system inspection
  • Inspection of crane safety devices and operational aids
  • Guidelines for use based on sling type and environment
  • Sling protection and damage prevention
  • Manufacture recommendations